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Título : The surface–mosaic model in host–parasite relationships
Autor : Mejia, J. Santiago
Moreno, Fernando
Muskus, Carlos
Vélez, Iván D
Titus, Richard G
Issue Date: Jan-2004
Fecha de publicación : 2004-01
Tipo : Article
Resumen : The dynamics of protein adsorption to a microbial surface could be of significance in host–parasite relationships because non-defense proteins might interfere with the binding of defense proteins. A surface mosaic of defense and non-defense proteins formed on the microbial surface could activate one of the tissue reactivity programs via a binary code (help or silence) generated by the adsorbed proteins. Understanding the mechanisms of the mosaic formation and its evolution might help to identify evasion mechanisms used by virulent microorganisms. This also provides a conceptual framework to design new strategies to control the infectious diseases they cause.
ISSN : 014714922
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